Shock/Stemi Workgroup

1. Collect and review survey data (use VHAC regions to gather more results).
2. Assemble our team by recruiting champions at interested centers.
3. Develop case report forms: basic demographics, hemodynamics, lactates, and the treatment that the
patient received.
4. Cultivate best practices and develop protocols.

Cardiogenic shock is a multifactorial, hemodynamic syndrome associated with high mortality rates. Despite advances in reperfusion and mechanical circulatory support, managing shock remains highly variable with poor outcomes. The Shock Management Workgroup was established to develop a standard of care for shock patients across the state and bridge the gap toward better outcomes for this population of patients. With the help of the Virginia Heart Attack Coalition, the group developed a 20-question assessment to better understand current shock management protocols. Invitations to participate in the survey were sent to over 38 PCI Centers across Virginia. The workgroup remains diligent in its efforts to obtain feedback from all PCI centers. Future steps in this effort includes working with the ACC to establish shock as a priority.

Power in Numbers

Summer 2020



Behnam Tehrani, MD (Inova) Peter O'Brien, MD (Lynchburg)


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